The King is Bored.

He has decided a new ruler will be chosen, and rule for 7 days.

This week, it is your turn.

How much trouble can you cause in 7 days?

"Medieval Shuffle" is a Card puzzle-management game wherein you are placed in the role of a random person in the court of a Kingdom in trouble. The Distant Lands might be invading soon, and you need to raise the defenses!

Each character has their own goals and ideas about how the Kingdom should be run. Some might want it to prosper, but others... are not so inclined.
The King has given you complete control over the whole Kingdom. Do with it as you wish. For 7 days.

There are hidden characters to find and a Kingdom to save or destroy.

Made in 8 days.


Bjarke Alexander Larsen

Music by
Mads Maretty Sønderup

Some sounds collected on Freesound.

Linux Libertine

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Made withUnity
TagsManagement, Medieval, Minimalist, Short, User Interface (UI)


Download 18 MB
Download 20 MB
Download 31 MB
Download 32 MB

Install instructions

For WebGL supported browsers you can play above.

Full screen is recommended!


1. Download the _win or _win64 file, depending on your operating system (if in doubt, download _win.

2. Extract the .zip file.

3. Play the .exe file.


1. Download the _mac file.

2. extract the .zip fil.e

3. Play the .app file.

The Linux version is untested. I hope it works! If it doesn't, please write me! Or write to say that it works! :D