A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Use the power of your own voice to control the ground in this game created for the Global Game Jam 2017.
Winner of Best Game, Most Hilarious Game, and Most out of the Box Game at ITU@CPH GGJ site.

This game requires a microphone.

Use your pitch to control what part of the land shakes, lower pitches raise the left, higher pitches raise the right. Loudness (amplitude) controls the height.
Hint: The cleaner your sound and the smoother your vocal range, the more effective you are. It is often advantageous to use high notes, like a falsetto or similar.

Vine of game in action: https://twitter.com/BjarkeAL/status/823185894144405506

MUTE your computer audio once you get to using your voice! Or play with headphones. Or else there will be mic feedback.

This game is authored by a 7-person team, you can check them out here:


Install instructions

Download .rar.

Unzip. Play .exe


VoG_25-01-2017_win-x64.rar 14 MB
25-01-2017_linux-Universal.rar 25 MB
25-01-2017_osX-Universal.rar 25 MB
25-01-2017_osX-x86.rar 16 MB


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